Welcome Occidental Media Arts & Culture Alumni!

My name is Amanda Devine and I am a senior and currently the Student Production Coordinator for the MAC Department.

I’m sitting in the under-appreciated equipment cage as I write this. Without a doubt, the cage remains one of the coolest yet least well known parts of Oxy, in my opinion.

As someone who was pretty sure I wanted to major in film even as a freshman, I have had the opportunity to see the film department here at Oxy grow and flourish. The 12 new Apple iMac computers that were recently installed in the editing lab are an amazing upgrade for the department. The computers make editing a less daunting task because they are so reliable and lighting quick. So at least now when a project takes a long time to edit, it’s because of you or the project, not the computer.

The department also upgraded to Canon 7D cameras for students to use in all the upper-level production courses. I must admit I am thoroughly impressed with the image quality that the Canon cameras produce. My own short five minute film was shown at a small festival this past summer and the image quality stood up to other films that were made using even more expensive film cameras.

Besides the great equipment, the department’s students are also making great strides. Many of last year’s seniors successfully submitted their Senior Comprehensive films to various festivals and some have received top honors at those festivals.

Having just completed filming for my own Senior Comprehensive fictional film I would also like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to our screening, which will take place in April 2015. This year all of the seniors wrote fictional projects, which is unusual, but will make for an entertaining night!

Thank you all for your continued support! I’m looking forward to joining such talented and inspiring people as Oxy Media Arts and Culture alumni next year.

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